Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oshkosh Beer Sampler 001: Bourbon County Brand Stout

The start of a slanted and endless survey of what’s pouring in Oshkosh... tallied one beer at a time.

Thought I ought to kick this series of posts off with something big, so here's a dominating, beast of a beer that's huge in every respect.

What: Goose Island’s Bourbon County Brand Stout on draught. An Imperial Stout, aged in bourbon barrels that delivers a whopping 15% ABV .

Where: For a limited time at Gardina’s Wine Bar & Cafe, 448 N Main St., Oshkosh.

Why: It’s one of those rare beers that leaves you in awe. A penultimate geek brew that every beer lover ought to try at least once in his or her lifetime. It pours black as pitch with a boozy, smoky aroma. The mouth feel is thick and coating. The flavors evolve from vanilla to caramel to coffee to bourbon... and that’s just the start. Take your time with this beer. Get comfortable, sit it and let it grow warm. It’s a sipper that you can easily spend a happy hour with. But get it while you can, this beer won’t last long.

Speaking of Gardina’s, the new Oshkosh SCENE has just hit the streets. In it, you’ll find my Oshkosh Beer Garden column and this time it’s all about Adam Carlson and the incredible beer selection he’s bringing in at Gardina’s. If you haven’t checked out Gardina’s yet, you ought to remedy that; you’re missing some great beers.

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