Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beer Ads in Oshkosh No. 4: Let Rahr Supply Your Xmas Beer

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Today’s ad is a tad happier than that ornery thing from yesterday. This 97-year-old gem appeared in the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern on December 22, 1916 and features the east-side’s favorite, Rahr Brewing Company of Oshkosh. There’s some nice, bubbly text in this one, including this:

“Can you imagine anything more pleasant than to get your family and friends together before a nice bright fire and go over old times. Everybody feels good and bubbles over with that 'Good will toward men' feeling that is so much a part of Christmas.”

Speaking of bubbles, how about adding a few bottles of Elk’s Head Beer to the mix. The Rahr’s suggest downing a case of their “old fashioned” suds to enhance your “health” and “cheer." Sounds good to me.

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