Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beer Ads in Oshkosh No. 5: Here is Real Christmas Cheer

In the midst of today’s blizzard, here’s something we could all use: A bearded freak in red pajamas who cruises around town in a sleigh delivering cases of Peoples “high test” Holiday Brew.
This ad is from December 1933 (originally b/w, now colorized to enhance your ogling pleasure) and hawks the first “strong” beer Peoples had produced in 16 years.

When beer became legal again on April 7, 1933 brewers were limited to producing nothing stronger than 3.2%. With the repeal of Prohibition on December 5, 1933, the alcohol cap was doffed and Peoples was quick to take advantage of their new freedom. How strong was this “high test” beer? Can’t say for sure, but probably in the 5% range. Not exactly a towering brew by our standards, but it certainly beat the pants off that 3.2% stuff they’d been pumping out for the previous eight months.

The sands of time have blasted the type at the bottom half of this one, so I’ll save you the squinting; here’s how she reads (and check out those prices!):

The Peoples Brewing Co. Offers...
A special high test holiday beer, aged, mellow and
fine flavored.
This extra fine beer is a holiday presentation at
no extra cost. You will find no better or finer flavored
beer at any price, anywhere.
Order your holiday case now. Our delivery system
is at your service. A phone call and your Holiday Spe-
cial is delivered promptly. It is also sold at all leading
taverns throughout the valley.

Price $1.90, plus $1.00 for case of 24 bottles
Price 95c, plus 50c for case of 12 bottles

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